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Strong Evidence the Earth is Hollow

Inner Earth Civilizations Exist And I Can Prove It

................PLEASE READ............... 2019-09-02 Attention everyone! This video is now once again available on the original channel, this is the third time it is re-uploaded to their channel, their channel was also demonetized because of this video, so enjoy it on their channel and hopefully it stays up this time, third time's the charm, right?

2019-07-02 | Okay, so this video was recently re-uploaded to UIY channel again, and has once again been removed from their channel after getting some 160 thousand views, this link below is now dead. Seems like the powers that be don't want you to see this video.

THIS VIDEO WAS REMOVED BY YOUTUBE, it was originally uploaded to the channel "Universe Inside You" in June/July of 2018 (Their channel:

It was less than a year old and had over 4.5 million views before it mysteriously was removed. My guess is that Youtube is AFRAID OF THE TRUTH GETTING OUT, so I'm uploading a mirror of this great video. Please download this video yourself.

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