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The Nexus Report: Season One

The Nexus Report Season One explores themes of science, philosophy, spirituality and politics. Inspired by the great minds of our time and the past, Jae Noirel takes you on a journey from antiquity to modern times. Tap in as he weaves an intricate tapestry of topics into one cohesive chronicle of the human condition.

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Curated by Jae Noirel

I am a self taught                     graphic designer, author         and video editor. I have put

together this collection of   short films in the spirit of healing and scholarship.                                      

- One Love!

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1. Welcome to the Nexus Report

An introduction to the course and what we will be covering. 

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2. United Corporations of America: Part 1

Join us as we expose the Corporate Pirates that have hi-jacked our democracy & the Poison Cartels that are attempting a monopoly on the worlds food supply. 

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3. United Corporations of America: Part 2

Join us as we expose the Digital Dictators that are spying on American citizens and the Political Corpos that are undermining our democracy.  


4. Mind Control

A short film that illustrates the abnormal behaviors that have become normalized in todays society. 


5. Heaven or Hell

A dialogue on mental health and spiritual beliefs. 

19 Keys Greed.jpg

7. Ways of the Greedy - 19 Keys

A short dialogue on the definition of wealth and the ways of the greedy. 

free your mind.jpg

7. Free Your Mind [InShadow]

Dive deep into the subconscious mind in this brilliant animation. A collaboration of Carl Jung, Charlie Chaplin, and Lubomir Arsov. 

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8. Inner Alchemy: The Art of Transmuting Trauma

Take a deep dive with us as we explore some of the effects of trauma and ways we can transcend these traumas.

The Myth of the Apocolypse.jpg

The Myth of the Apocalypse - Dr. Bruce Lipton

A short film that discusses the myths on which western civilization has been built upon. 

*Artwork from the Nexus Report Series

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