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A Simple, Powerful Prayer in Challenging Times

Sending out positive energy and prayers to all!

SATSANG OF THE WEEK In this beautiful video, Moojibaba addresses the concerns and fears that many are facing in the midst of the current global crisis. Mooji shows us a powerful exercise and prayer which is a tremendous support during such trying times — a ‘thank you’ prayer. “I’m going to show you right now a very simple practise to help you to feel calm and integrated again. Of all the mantras, of all the wonderful things you can think about, or say, or feel, saying, ‘Thank you’ is one of the most effective and great mantras or prayers you can make.” Monte Sahaja, Portugal 28 March 2020 ~ More videos and Satsang resources in the light of the current crisis can be found on this page: ~ This video is the ‘Satsang of the Week’ for 29 March 2020 To subscribe or watch this weekly service, please visit

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