OSHUN - Blessings on Blessings [Music Video]

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This is an official music video from our debut studio album, #bittersweetvol1, available on all digital platforms NOW!!! Catch us in a city near you on the #bittersweetTOUR! Tickets available at oshuniverse.com/tour.

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Written by OSHUN | oshuniverse.com | @oshun | @oshuniverse

Directed by WhoTheWizz | @whothewizz

Starring OSHUN & Ile Osunfikayo Ile Ogundase | @alaje256

Song Produced by Proda | @praiseproda Intro Music: “Iba Osun” by Osundara Oyawale, Chief Alaje | 256 Records

Production Design by Ile Osunfikayo Ile Ogundase for Osun Fest 2018

Wardrobe by Zunyda | @byzunyda

Make up by Nzingha | @nothingnessinadress

Jewelry by Uniquely Wired M | @uniquelwiredm_

Produced by Renee Esubola Smith & Chief Sekou Alaje

ALL inquiries: sumby@oakmgmtgroup.com

for any inquiries related to Ifa and Yoruba Spirituality visit 256HealingsArts.com

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